10 Crimes caught on Google Earth See First


10 Crimes caught on Google Earth

1Crime scenes caught on Google Earth by Street View

Maybe you remember that incidence where you sneaked to the fridge at midnight for a stick of chocolate.10 Crimes caught on Google Earth. As you stepped into the kitchen the next morning, your momma announced: “I saw you last night taking the chocolate!”

That’s what it feels like having Google Earth and Street View in our world space. As the car drives through the streets you might find it interesting but you need to watch it. The snitch may just tell on your secrets or a good time. 10 Crimes caught on Google Earth. It could peep into your backyard and tell others about your activities with images as evidence of the stories.

Here are 10 crime scenes caught on Google Earth by Street View.

The TP-ing – “Toilet Papering”

Who goes shopping just to dump the items on a neighbor’s trees? Many people have gone through the crazy season of toilet papering a neighbor’s house just for the sake of being mischievous or to get back at the neighbor.

TP-ing is all fun until you probably discover you’re in trouble already.

TP-ing is probably one of the lowest crimes there is yet it is against the law.

Usually, it’s done by budding teenagers and just for fun and decoration. And there’s always someone among them watching to see who’s coming.

Now Google can help us keep these memories always.