5 New Inventions 2018-2019 that will blow your mind


5 New Inventions 2018-2019 that will blow your mind

The 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development sets ambitious global goals, demanding unprecedented actions and efforts across multiple interconnected social, economic and environmental issues. Science, technology, and innovation (STI) must play a central role in the achievement of these goals. 5 New Inventions 2018-2019 that will blow your mind. The process of creative destruction initiated by technological progress can help to transform economies and improve living standards, by increasing productivity, reducing production costs and prices, and helping to raise real wages.

what are the sustainable development goals

Harnessing frontier technologies combined with action to address persistent gaps among developed and developing countries in access and use of existing technologies, and to develop innovations (including non-technological and new forms of social innovation) could be transformative in achieving the Sustainable Development Goals and producing more prosperous, sustainable, healthy and inclusive societies. They offer the prospect of solutions and opportunities for sustainable development that are better, cheaper, faster, scalable and easy to use.