5 New Inventions 2018-2019 that will blow your mind


5 New Inventions 2018-2019 that will blow your mind

2The developmental impact of advanced technological

The extent of the developmental impact of technological advances has already been seen in the transformative effects of information and communication technologies (ICTs) in many low-income economies,sustainable development goals

while the potential to increase the environmental sustainability of development is evident in recent advances in renewable energy. However, new technologies threaten to outpace the ability of societies and policymakers to adapt to the changes they create, giving rise to widespread anxiety and ambivalence or hostility to some technological advances.

what are the sustainable development goals

As well as in monitoring development indicators to assess progress towards the Sustainable Development Goals. Governments should consider developing strategies to harness these technologies towards their development goals. Now includes capabilities in image recognition, problem-solving and logical reasoning that sometimes exceed those of humans. Robotics also has the potential to transform production processes and business, especially in manufacturing. So too does 3D printing, which can allow faster and cheaper low-volume production of complex products and components and rapid iterative prototyping of newly manufactured products.