Artificial Intelligence Motorcycle Racing: Why It’s So Hard and Why It would certainly Be a Highly Meaningful Innovation Landmark


1Some day in the distant future, an android with an AI mind will certainly ride a motorcycle around Mugello faster than the best human MotoGP motorcyclists


But that will certainly be long after every other motorsport has been dominated by robots.
Brilliant applications of existing modern technology will not be enough to obtain us there. Basic developments have to happen in AI formulas, neuromorphic chip layout, and robotics. Those innovations have to after that all merge together. The endeavor is so enormously challenging that it would act as an extremely significant innovation turning point.

As Kennedy as soon as stated, “We pick to visit the Moon in this years as well as do the other things, not because they are easy, but due to the fact that they are tough”.
In other words, achievements end up being significant milestones exactly because they are testing. Nevertheless, motorbike auto racing is the most tough of all motorsports. In addition to that, it together plays to the fundamental toughness of humans and intensifies the integral weak points of AI/robots.