Guests to HBO’s SXSW enactment are pushed into a reasonable “Round of Thrones” recreation.


Round of Thrones


1. AUSTIN, Texas — Steps from a smash of bikes and crowds of tech fashionable people crunching on sustenance truck combination tacos, HBO has made another universe.

Guests talk in quieted tones and line up for the gift of a lady in a since a long time ago red outfit. She murmurs in their ear, and they unobtrusively leave, grasping the stick she’s given them, cast in the state of the “hand of the position of authority,” straight from the place where there is Westeros in “Round of Thrones.” A robed tune drones a natural score with on leg on each side of an iron honored position, secured by warriors holding substantial lances, and shafts of light pierce the enormous space. Simply out the entryways in the substantial Austin air, Round of Thrones. guests greeted by Wildlings wearing hides and shells, Round of Thrones. as a Khal Drogo resemble the other alike compromises vigorously furnished “unblemished” warriors.

Guests to HBO’s SXSW enactment  pushed into a reasonable “Round of Thrones” recreation.




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