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Count Money Fast

1How to spread?

Horizontal Counting: How to Spread Money?

Let’s see how to do “Horizontal Counting”.

Money counting exports spreading money like a fan. It seems difficult but it is not actually.

When you need to count the number of copier paper, Count Money Fast. you may grab both ends of the paper and wave it to make it slide. The basic movement in horizontal counting is the same. But the place to hold and the way to wave are slightly different.

Occasionally there are people who say the money spread out in a different direction, but he can spread out whichever directions he likes when he handling copier paper.

Now take 50 bills in your hand and slide it sideways as you do with copier papers. When you are doing this you should be pushing the end of the bill by your fingers. Please remember how you are pushing.

Next, add bending action to this. Do it slowly. Bend the upper half of the bill left and right.

You should have managed to spread the bill in this way as well.

Then continue to bend by circulating the bill. Put your hands on the back of the bill and circulate anticlockwise smoothly. Place your both thumb at the center and 3 centimeters above the lower end of the bill. Repeat the same action you have just done. If you feel difficult, adjust your position of the thumb.

If you get used to it, then release one thumb, right or left and hold the bill only with one thumb. Place the released thumb just beside gently.

If you hold the bill with your right thumb then you will spread the bill to left, and vice versa.

If you are left-handed, then just swap left and right