Just because Schulman is sharing how much that cost the organization: $3 million


Schulman Cost

2. Schulman said when the specialists they enlisted distinguished the $3 million number,

He confronted some push-once more from administrators in HR and fund, who recommended it would bode well to spread the expense out over a few quarters. Be that as it may, the CEO demanded rolling out the improvement right away. “Really in the extraordinary plan of things,” he says, “it’s fantastically little.”

PayPal’s HR group worked with two outside consultancies to make a procedure to assess pay and execution to ensure the organization is compensating dependent on legitimacy, without inclination.

“It would not have been down to earth just to do this once,” says the organization’s Chief. Business Affairs Officer Louise Pentland, who has worked together with Schulman on equivalent pay since she joined PayPal before the turn off. “You need to do this on numerous occasions, since equivalent pay is certainly not a static minute, it’s a continuum.”



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