In contrast to numerous past instances of writer badgering, in any case, Golunov’s


1. Ivan Golunov, insightful columnist of the online paper Meduza, goes to a capture warrant hearing at Moscow’s Nikulinsky District Court; Golunov was kept on June 6 on doubt of medication managing, a hunt in his level uncovering five grams of cocaine.

An open objection has emitted in Russia following the capture and charging of an analytical columnist in Russia with medication offenses in what commentators state was an endeavor to outline the correspondent and confine the opportunity of the press.

Insightful writer Ivan Golunov, who composes for free Russian-language news site Meduza, was captured last Thursday and accused throughout the few days of having drugs with plan to supply.

The capture and charges of Golunov have been broadly observed as spurred by retribution, be that as it may, as Golunov is known to research political debasement. His boss Meduza, which is situated in Latvia, put an announcement on its site last Friday expressing that Golunov was being undermined.

“We are persuaded that Ivan Golunov is honest. In addition, we have motivation to accept that Golunov is being oppressed due to his journalistic exercises. We realize that as of late, Van has been compromised,” it said.



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