Top 10 amazing people with real superpowers


10Top 10 superpower people

Everyone wants some superpowers. Somewhere between the powers of Spiderman that alerts him of danger to theĀ  Wonder Woman’s invulnerability and agility to Superman’s ability to help and protect his loved ones with his powers.

When you meet real humans who really have superpowers powers, you’re either thrilled to stupor or green with envy. Either way, people with superpowers do really exist. And here’s our rundown of the top ten humans with real superpowers from bottom to top.

Stephen Wiltshire – “shutter”

A camera shutter traps light from an object of interest in much the same way as Stephen Wiltshire’s eyes blink.

Born in London on April 24, 1974, Stephen was diagnosed with autism at the age of 3. He developed his speech at the age of 9.

At age 5, his parents sent him to school at Queensmill School London. Soon, Stephen Wiltshire started showing that he communicates with his world through drawings. First, he drew pictures of animals and buses in the city. Then he began drawing landmark London buildings.

Stephen has the ability to observe and retain the details of his observation. And that earned him the name shutter. Stephen observed a city – SINGAPORE – and produced a panoramic view of it on paper in five days, using his pen. And that’s just one of his many feats. He was rightly named a Member of the Order of the British Empire in January 2006 by Queen Elizabeth II in honor of his contribution to the works of art.