Top 10 recently discovered Earth like planets


1What is Earth?

Earth is the planet that we live on. Planets are huge masses that travel around a star. Some planets, like Earth, are made of mostly rock. Others are mostly gas. Earth is the only planet in the solar system that we know has life. Earth has liquid water, which keeps animals and plants alive.

This article is about the planet. For its human aspects, see World. For other uses, see Earth (disambiguation) and Planet Earth (disambiguation).

Now We Discuss Top 10 Planets That Looks Like Earth

1. Kapteyn B
2. Gliese 667 Cc
3. Kepler 442b
4. Proxima B
5. Kepler 438b
6. Wolf 1061 c
7. Kepler 62 e
8. Kepler 62f
9. Kepler-186f
10. Kepler 452b